SOFTWARE OF LIFE™ Research and Design Services

Our SOFTWARE OF LIFE™ research and design services enable us and our partners to advance new product ideas into development candidates via drug discovery efforts, and includes infrastructure to enable rapid supply of thousands of preclinical mRNAs for research involving in vitro and in vivo experiments in order to accelerate programs from idea to development candidate designation.



mRNA DESIGN STUDIO™ – Digital Design and Ordering of mRNA for Research

Our mRNA DESIGN STUDIO enables rapid design of multiple mRNAs.

As our scientists create new mRNA concepts, they can design mRNAs for research and testing, within days, using our proprietary systems. As the DIGITAL BIOTECH COMPANY™, we utilize the software-like property of mRNA in our proprietary, web-based mRNA DESIGN STUDIO. Our scientists request mRNAs for a specific protein, and the protein target is automatically converted to an initial optimized mRNA sequence. Using our Sequence Designer module, they can tailor entire mRNAs from the 5’-UTR to the coding region to the 3’-UTR based on our ever-improving proprietary learnings. The mRNA sequence is then further optimized using our proprietary bioinformatics algorithms. Our digital ordering then ensures rapid and accurate transmission of sequences to our modular synthesis robotics.

Our proprietary in-house digital application suite contains a Sequence Designer module to tailor an entire mRNA, with ever-improving rule sets that contain our accumulated learning about mRNA design. mRNA DESIGN STUDIO utilizes cloud-based computational capacity to run various algorithms we have developed to design each mRNA sequence. The utility of cloud-based capacity allows us to provide flexible computational capacity on demand, allowing the Research Engine to power parallel intake and design of multiple mRNA sequences.

Scientists can begin by selecting any protein in the human proteome to be further engineered, including antibodies, or they can design novel proteins like traps, fusion proteins, or completely novel scaffolds and sequences. All can be designed to explore previously undruggable pathways.

The mRNA DESIGN STUDIO integrates with Moderna’s automation platforms – directing orders through each phase of mRNA synthesis. Once the order is placed, Moderna’s high-throughput mRNA pre-clinical production facility manages the manufacturing of mRNA constructs and delivers them in just weeks.

Automated Production and Manufacturing Capabilities – Rapid Production and Delivery of mRNA for Research

We have deployed multiple digital technologies across our Research Engine to drive a rapid pace of learning, enable efficient workflows and business processes, and draw insights from vast amounts of data. Our aim is to provide our platform and discovery scientists with access to an environment that helps them through each step of the research cycle.

Leveraging the components of our Research Engine, we empower scientists across our ecosystem to conduct rational drug design and accelerate the pace of mRNA drug discovery. 

We aim to accelerate the pace and success rate of mRNA discovery research efforts across our therapeutic areas and for our strategic collaborators. With the ability to receive high-quality mRNA constructs in a short period of time, scientists are able to quickly run experiments to test a concept. Additionally, scientists can design large parallel experiments with multiple comparison arms using different mRNA constructs. This enables scientists to narrow their field of drugs candidates rapidly, ultimately bringing forth development candidates that can advance into and through the clinical development process.